My First Blog


Straight from my notebook!


I always feel like things are in place when there is a plan. A beginning, middle, and end. I like to have something to focus on, a big goal.

I have no plan for where I am. I did not expect to quit my job and find no desire to stay in the field of work I was in.  A lot of my work had to do with sharing my story. So, how do I set the example when I feel like changing my line of work is betraying my own idea of healing from my trauma, by not helping others through my own personal experiences!!!!!!!!!. BRING ON THE (MID LIFE?) EXISTENTIAL CRISIS!!! No direction, what do I want to do? what do I not want to do?


I have decided that Moving on is not betraying me!… YAY ME! Ok? Now what? I have decided to take a total me approach to this next year. I can not afford to travel the world or revamp my apartment with new shit either. So, again, how does a poor-ass mother afford to find my new Effin me!?! Well, I have decided to do this MY way the YURI WAY! The FUN WAY!!! So this will be My year in challenges. I will be doing 30 day challenges until the year is over.

My idea is to blog about these challenges. I am doing this because of the lack of direction in my life right now. I will post pictures and stay 100% honest about the emotions tied in with each challenge. I will not be doing anything offensive, dangerous, mean spirited, meant to inflict harm on others or myself or in anyway fucked up. All challenges will be safe, sane and healthy.

May I be renewed in the Goddesses master plan and come out of this successful where it counts and more happy all around.


You will always be fond of me. I represent all the sins you never had the courage to commit – Oscar Wylde




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