Walking challenge

So this is so much harder than I thought. To set aside time to walk was more challenging because I realized I started to look at it like a chore.

So I decided to make the 15 minute walking work to my benifit… I went to Costco. I walked and today that’s just going to have to do.

I do not want to face my failures when it comes to my fitness goals. I have not been as nice to my body the last 4 months, than I have been my whole life. I have been eating poorly and embracing my melancholy. All this has to be said because I didn’t want to see how depressed I’m becoming until I had to go on that darn 15 min walk lol. Yay😊 challenges.


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I don't know about ME. It is why I have started this blog. I can tell you what I wrote in my notebook. Perhaps this will give you some insight as to who you will be reading about. STRAIGHT FROM MY NOTEBOOK I want to write about ... The experience of what it is like to be a veteran mom with PTSD, what it's like to see the outcome of hard work pay off in parenting, what it's like to fail myself as a parent, what I do to cope with living on a fixed income, going paperless in my kitchen, using natural products for skin care, traveling with twins, having a great relationship with my co-parent, transitioning after accomplishing goals that did not work out the way I planned, what it's like to make time for others when I am depressed and whatever takes me through the next year. Up until now I have not embraced the social media AT ALL... So, this is all new to me. I know that as much as I have researched I am still a newb. So, I do not expect miracles here. I am just hoping that I can have a positive experience, meet new people, and perhaps get happy along the way. The name I have chosen for myself means Strong Warrior. I figured new identity, new name.

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