Day3 drawing challenge

Today’s drawing challenge Blew my mind. I started off drawing my name in the little box I made for day3. Just as I got to the little lines I realized, I hated this ugly shit!!! Wtf was I doing? I started thinking “my name? Depends who you ask” so I went to the next page over and wrote all my names.

Because as I was writing my name, it changed.

My name is Yuriria, mom, friend and all the other things I put down on the paper. Just depends on who you ask. I have been suffering from a block in personal creativity. In hope to renew my own creativity, I have been creating things that do not require a lot of imagination. So, I got really mad at myself when I was doing today’s challenge. Until, I went to the big paper and began to make the project my own.

I am giving recognition to my taking back the project and enjoying that little win. Although I may not like the way the names look son the page, or the fact that it looks like a first grade project. I love it for the lesson it has taught me and I hope that this little bit of inspiration grows big enough to break through the creative block.


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