Day3walking challenge

Relaxing after my walk, which was longer than the goal for the day (link found in septembers challenges).

I love to be outside in the fresh air. When it is windy, even better! Today was perfect to feel the cool oregon wind on my face while the smell of fireplace wafted past my nose. Bring on the Fall😁🙌🏽🤟🏼

Day3 photo challenge

Today I had to take a picture of a swirl…The only swirl I could come up with was a toilet swirl. Funny thing is, I plan on putting all the pictures I take on this journey in a book for my own personal enjoyment. When people flip through this toilet will forever be a question in their minds. Why? Why was there a toilet on page 3?

**update** I was cooking and saw another swirl!!!! So I made that my cover for today lol still keeping the toilet for the project but I just wanted to show I saw another swirl

Day3 drawing challenge

Today’s drawing challenge Blew my mind. I started off drawing my name in the little box I made for day3. Just as I got to the little lines I realized, I hated this ugly shit!!! Wtf was I doing? I started thinking “my name? Depends who you ask” so I went to the next page over and wrote all my names.

Because as I was writing my name, it changed.

My name is Yuriria, mom, friend and all the other things I put down on the paper. Just depends on who you ask. I have been suffering from a block in personal creativity. In hope to renew my own creativity, I have been creating things that do not require a lot of imagination. So, I got really mad at myself when I was doing today’s challenge. Until, I went to the big paper and began to make the project my own.

I am giving recognition to my taking back the project and enjoying that little win. Although I may not like the way the names look son the page, or the fact that it looks like a first grade project. I love it for the lesson it has taught me and I hope that this little bit of inspiration grows big enough to break through the creative block.

Day 2 photo challenge

Here is a picture I took and saved for this. I love Rick and Morty and didnt want to spend the money on the masks so I took a picture with them instead. Seeing as how I would only wear them for a picture anyway….hey a penny saved is a penny earned.

Get schwifty

Day2 30 days drawing challenge

Drawing a pineapple is the most frustrating shit ever…. I couldn’t get my lines to match and make the damn thing look like a pineapple. So I scaled down the size of the drawing and decided to make a grid in my notebook for this challenge. After scaling it down, I found the pineapple less frustrating.

I now know that drawing brings on anxiety becuase, for me, my drawings have to be perfect. Perhaps this comes from being made fun of when I was younger…who knows lol I just know that NOW, in this moment in my life, I chose to embrace imperfection.

Walking challenge

Resting in walmart after walking fiercely around the block for my challenge.

I had such a great walk while waiting for my tires today. I am renewed with ideas and I actually feel like taking another walk later when I get home.

Walking challenge

So this is so much harder than I thought. To set aside time to walk was more challenging because I realized I started to look at it like a chore.

So I decided to make the 15 minute walking work to my benifit… I went to Costco. I walked and today that’s just going to have to do.

I do not want to face my failures when it comes to my fitness goals. I have not been as nice to my body the last 4 months, than I have been my whole life. I have been eating poorly and embracing my melancholy. All this has to be said because I didn’t want to see how depressed I’m becoming until I had to go on that darn 15 min walk lol. Yay😊 challenges.

52 week savings challenge

Well, lol the first week is easy right? So , I am super nervous about this one because I don’t want to give up what little pleasures -I justify to

myself to have -in order to see myself succeed at this. If that makes sense. So in order to succeed I just have to stick to the challenge!!

Day 1 photo challenge

So I got upside down the only way I know how and got it done lol

This was super fun and I cant wait to do tomorrow’s pic challenge. I can collect them all!!!!

Day1 drawing challenge

So drawing a mouse is much harder than anticipated. So I admit I looked online for inspiration and came up with this little guy.

It was super shocking to me when I couldn’t draw a mouse off the top of

my head. I also noticed that once I sat down and committed to an idea it was fun once it all started to come together.

Thanks mousey