Day6 drawing challenge


The twins are off to school and I am doing the drawing challenge in the quiet of my place.

As I drew my vehicle, my mind wandered to how cool it would be to have my old 53 Chevy again. I am not very good at drawing things in their proper dimensions but I like the way my car turned put just the same.

This challenge had a really calming effect on me.

Day6 drawing challenge


Today was a huge step for me I drew my pirate from scratch. No prompts, not help! I am super happy with the way he turned out because he’s straight from my imagination.

Here he is with treasure under his arm. Awww I feel so happy with this little accomplishment that it takes away from the tension I had earlier today. I now am filled with a new emotion to take the place of that anxiety. I think I will stare at my pirate and swim in this good feeling.

Day 5 drawing challenge


I think the list had a spelling error because curls doesn’t have an E.

So here are my curls. Haha! When I saw the word for the day, I thought cute😊 little cartoon piggy tails. Nothing super amazing about it just AMAZINGLY CUTE. lol

One is black for Aria, one blue for Lyette and the big pink one of course is mama me-ya ! Lol I had to 😁

This challenge is becoming something I look forward to. The intention of setting the time aside for myself to do something fun for me is being kind to myself. I get excited, I feel like I have a personal purpose.

Day4 drawing challenge


I dont have fancy markers or pens so I grabbed what I have available and get to it. This is what I came up with and I actually like it.

I feel really proud of my attempt to draw lightening here. I wanted to try to different ways so I did one side with an outline and one without. I did one with a vibrant mix of color and tho opposite like a dark sky. I like both. In fact, I like that I mixed the two.

Anyone else try this/trying this today?

Day3walking challenge

Relaxing after my walk, which was longer than the goal for the day (link found in septembers challenges).

I love to be outside in the fresh air. When it is windy, even better! Today was perfect to feel the cool oregon wind on my face while the smell of fireplace wafted past my nose. Bring on the FallπŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ€ŸπŸΌ

Day3 drawing challenge

Today’s drawing challenge Blew my mind. I started off drawing my name in the little box I made for day3. Just as I got to the little lines I realized, I hated this ugly shit!!! Wtf was I doing? I started thinking “my name? Depends who you ask” so I went to the next page over and wrote all my names.

Because as I was writing my name, it changed.

My name is Yuriria, mom, friend and all the other things I put down on the paper. Just depends on who you ask. I have been suffering from a block in personal creativity. In hope to renew my own creativity, I have been creating things that do not require a lot of imagination. So, I got really mad at myself when I was doing today’s challenge. Until, I went to the big paper and began to make the project my own.

I am giving recognition to my taking back the project and enjoying that little win. Although I may not like the way the names look son the page, or the fact that it looks like a first grade project. I love it for the lesson it has taught me and I hope that this little bit of inspiration grows big enough to break through the creative block.

Day2 30 days drawing challenge

Drawing a pineapple is the most frustrating shit ever…. I couldn’t get my lines to match and make the damn thing look like a pineapple. So I scaled down the size of the drawing and decided to make a grid in my notebook for this challenge. After scaling it down, I found the pineapple less frustrating.

I now know that drawing brings on anxiety becuase, for me, my drawings have to be perfect. Perhaps this comes from being made fun of when I was younger…who knows lol I just know that NOW, in this moment in my life, I chose to embrace imperfection.