What is ‘Age Appropriate’ for my family may not be for yours.

When I think about the choice that I made to have a child I did not think about the possibility of twins. When I had my twins I did not think that eventually I would be raising them on my own. I do however, remember struggling with what people thought was age appropriate for conversations that came up when they were little.

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Day6 drawing challenge


The twins are off to school and I am doing the drawing challenge in the quiet of my place.

As I drew my vehicle, my mind wandered to how cool it would be to have my old 53 Chevy again. I am not very good at drawing things in their proper dimensions but I like the way my car turned put just the same.

This challenge had a really calming effect on me.

Day6 walking challenge

Today was the twins first day back at school. So that means I walked and walked and now I am sitting resting while catching up on my blog.

This walking challenge has made me give myself time being in my mind and active while not putting any pressure on myself. I love it. I’m tired of things that make me feel stressed out IN ANY WAY. That just means this may just become a daily habit…hmmmm

Photo challenge

I can not see the sunset tonight because I’m with my twins having meatloaf for dinner to celebrate a great first day at school. So I ran to the window as the sun was going down and took a picture while sunset was happening.

After I took the picture I laughed because now I will always remember this awesome day with this picture of an almost sunset.

I think I will have to frame this one.

Day6 drawing challenge


Today was a huge step for me I drew my pirate from scratch. No prompts, not help! I am super happy with the way he turned out because he’s straight from my imagination.

Here he is with treasure under his arm. Awww I feel so happy with this little accomplishment that it takes away from the tension I had earlier today. I now am filled with a new emotion to take the place of that anxiety. I think I will stare at my pirate and swim in this good feeling.

Day 5 walking challenge

Back to school WITCHES!!!

Today was a pretty hectic day but since I’m on my shit so hard this year, I had everything under control.

The twins walked with me today so I thought I’d share it.

Day 5 drawing challenge


I think the list had a spelling error because curls doesn’t have an E.

So here are my curls. Haha! When I saw the word for the day, I thought cute๐Ÿ˜Š little cartoon piggy tails. Nothing super amazing about it just AMAZINGLY CUTE. lol

One is black for Aria, one blue for Lyette and the big pink one of course is mama me-ya ! Lol I had to ๐Ÿ˜

This challenge is becoming something I look forward to. The intention of setting the time aside for myself to do something fun for me is being kind to myself. I get excited, I feel like I have a personal purpose.

Day 4 walking challenge

Today’s walk with lyette was super short and only half the time because my sandals pooped out on me. However, I realized today this challenge is The Best.

We interact with our world so much more when the girls and I go out. We talk with people and meet neighbors. We are not the kind of people who are shy about saying hello. So when we move in we like to get to know the area.

Tonight we met a neighbor we helped out on our walk. On the way home my first thought was ‘yay! The challenge is working!’

I am getting everything I wanted just by taking the first step to put myself out there. I have several exceptions and milestones I hope to meet during this year of challenges. One of them is to interact with my neighbors more. Not just the people that live next to me either. I do mean all my neighbors.

Hello first milestone. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿผ

Day4 picture challenge

I had to take a picture of a quote. So I took a screen shot of something I truly believe in….not rick and morty (I’m not that cool) but the meaning behind the quote.

In recent conversations with my mom, I noticed she’s been quoting me to myself. We laugh everytime I say “oooh who said that” and her response is “you don’t remember saying that when you were a kid!?”

I guess it is not a new idea for me and it’s nice to hear I’ve always been an advocate for living my life. Go out and live!!! So many people I know are itching for change. My advice, change๐Ÿ˜ you will be so much happier. Even if it is harder.

So much can happen when you push past fear.

Day4 drawing challenge


I dont have fancy markers or pens so I grabbed what I have available and get to it. This is what I came up with and I actually like it.

I feel really proud of my attempt to draw lightening here. I wanted to try to different ways so I did one side with an outline and one without. I did one with a vibrant mix of color and tho opposite like a dark sky. I like both. In fact, I like that I mixed the two.

Anyone else try this/trying this today?