The night before My Year of Challenges…

Ok, so I have taken on 3 year long challenges to start tomorrow as well as the two 30 day challenges I will be doing each month. I am nervous

about being made fun of by people I know. I am afraid of being teased and even more so, afraid of people telling me not to sweat that shit. Cause we all do.

So, I am sitting here nervous and excited at the same time. A lot of these challenges have to do with mindfulness and writing. Also, I have chosen a lot of fitness challenges that are more difficult than I am used to. So, I am hoping this is as healthy as I am convincing myself it will be. Lol.

30 Day Drawing challenge

I have never done anything with my drawing abilities before. Seeing as how this journey is about having fun, I think I want to add a bit of a challenge to it as well. So I am stepping out of my comfort zone and into The Year of Challenges by accepting this as challenge #1.