A little rant:)

What goes through my head as a mother on a daily basis is terrifying. I think of the awful things that could happen and shake it off just like any mom that has too much time at a red light. I hope for beautiful, great things, for my children and of course I hope they do not suffer. However, sometimes I feel as though I am the only one that really has their best interest at heart. Now, some people I know are already like, duh bitch… I know! OK.

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My First Blog


Straight from my notebook!


I always feel like things are in place when there is a plan. A beginning, middle, and end. I like to have something to focus on, a big goal.

I have no plan for where I am. I did not expect to quit my job and find no desire to stay in the field of work I was in.  A lot of my work had to do with sharing my story. So, how do I set the example when I feel like changing my line of work is betraying my own idea of healing from my trauma, by not helping others through my own personal experiences!!!!!!!!!. BRING ON THE (MID LIFE?) EXISTENTIAL CRISIS!!! No direction, what do I want to do? what do I not want to do?

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